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Buying Off-Road Wheels

Off-roaders know that it’s important to have KMC wheels and tyres that can stand up to the roughest terrain. Most off-road tyre packages come with wheel sets specifically intended for use on all terrain, and this guide discusses the various features of off-road tyres and wheels. By learning more about these specialized wheels, buyers like you can make the right choice for their vehicle.


Off-Road Tyre Characteristics

Tyres and off road wheels have certain characteristics that set them apart from regular wheels and tyres. It’s important for customers to understand these differences and their effects on wheel and tyre performance.

  • Construction: Off-road tyres are made differently than those intended for street use. 4x4s are usually heavier than regular cars, and tyres must support additional weight while adapting to rugged terrain.
  • Tread pattern: These tyres have widely-spaced, large studs called lugs. Their spacing and pattern can determine the level of off-road traction, as well as that offered in wet conditions on paved roads.

Wheel Construction, Price and Style

Off-road wheels are made using a variety of methods, and you can benefit greatly from understanding how they’re made. Price is of course important, but you should also consider strength when deciding on a set of wheels. Appearance is yet another important factor to be thought of when choosing wheels to match your new off-road tyres.


Wheel Offset

Offset is a key factor when choosing off-road tyres. It determines the width of the wheelbase, as well as the vehicle’s overall footprint. There are three different wheel offset configurations:

  • Wheels with negative offset stick out further from the wheel well. Negative-offset rims increase width between front wheels, and they offer greater overall stability.
  • Center offset wheels cause tyres to protrude slightly from the wheel wells. These wheels are sometimes known as “zero offset”, and the wheel centre is equidistant from the inside and outside planes of the rim.
  • Positive offset wheels move tyres closer to the vehicle’s centre. Most passenger vehicles have positive-offset wheels as factory equipment, but these can cause clearance issues with suspension parts when installing oversize tyres.


Periodic Alignment is Important

Off-roading over very aggressive terrain can cause wheels to become misaligned. Periodic alignment requirements depend on how frequently you go off-road. However, having an alignment every six months is a good idea. After a particularly harsh off-roading session, check the position of the stering wheel. If it’s cocked to the left or the right when you’re driving down a straight road, you may need an alignment.

Off-roading is a fast-growing activity, and if you’re thinking of giving it a try, having some basic knowledge can be helpful. By learning about off-road wheels and tyres, you can have the knowledge and skills necessary to make the right purchase decision.

Finding the Right Set of Alloy Wheels for Your Ride – An Amateur’s Guidebook

Finding the right pair of alloy wheels for your vehicle can be quite a burden, if you are not sure what you are looking for. With the rising demand of aftermarket alloys, numerous local and global manufacturers have stepped up to the occasion with their range of exciting new designs, spread across a wide price range.

This makes the job even more difficult, since, beginners have a lot to handle on their platter. To top it off, wheels are a long term investment and they can affect the performance of your car.Not to mention their exaggerated price tag.

Hence, it makes more sense to get the job done perfectly, the first time. The first step to buying a set of alloys for your car is determining its usage.High speed rims are different from everyday alloys and are designed to take on lesser amounts of pounding. As a result, using them off road can result in premature damage.

nissan 360z

The Importance of Evaluating Your Needs:

If you are looking for a set of strong and lightweight alloys that perform on and off road with equal élan, you need to opt for fuel wheels. These are the strongest alloys in the market and are designed to last longer than high speed alloys.However, they are not as heavy as cast iron wheels. As a result, fuel wheels sit right between the two classes.

If you are looking for a set of alloy rims solely for the purpose of showing off, you could opt for KMC Rockstar Rims. These are sturdier than the other designs available in the market and make a bold statement on your ride. Rockstar alloys are not meant for everybody, since the design does not appeal to all.

Nissan GTR

Cast Alloy vs. Forged Alloy:

Alloy wheels are either casted or forged,depending on their usability,and each type requires special attention and maintenance. The most important fact that newbies need to keep in mind is that alloy wheels are prone to getting damaged. Hence, make it a point to inspect the rims for any sign of cracks every week.

Follow the Experts:

Another interesting policy followed by the experts is ‘try before you buy’. You might have come across the term before, failing to realise its importance! Most amateurs buy before they try and end up pouring their hard-earned cash down the drain. It is unwise to take risks with mail order companies that seem to have no existence a few months back.

Nissan 370Z

The two primary risks associated with such manufacturers are,

  1. There is no guarantee of delivery. Online marketing has its risks and fraudulent practices are rampant. As a result, make it a point to check out the background of a company before you entrust them with your money.
  2. Even if the product reaches you, there is no guarantee of the quality.

Hence, it is always a good decision to stick to reputed brands, even though the process might cost you a few extra bucks.

Like we always say, better be safe than sorry!